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Pinned topic IBM ILOG Optimization Virtual User Group: Practical Guidelines for Solving Difficult Mixed Integer Programs

‏2013-08-16T20:12:21Z | formulation mip vug webinar

Date:                4th Wednesday of every month @ (07:30 Pacific, 10:30 Eastern, 16:30 CET)

Format:             Webinar

Length:             1 hour

Next Session:     August 28, 2013

Speaker:           Ed Klotz, PhD
Mathematical Programming Specialist, IBM ILOG CPLEX, IBM Software Group

Session Topic:   Practical Guidelines for Solving Difficult Mixed Integer Programs


Even with state-of-the-art hardware and software, some mixed integer programs (MIPs) can require hours, or even days, of run time without yielding an optimal (or near-optimal, or any) solution. Adjusting CPLEX parameters frequently improves performance, but sometimes tightening or reformulating the model is needed.  This presentation will briefly discuss CPLEX parameter settings, but it will focus on tightening and reformulation.  It will first consider the different sources of slow performance.  Then, a set of guidelines that provides a disciplined, organized methodology for tightening MIP models to obtain better performance will be presented.  These guidelines can help practitioners with limited familiarity of the theory behind strengthening MIP models, as well as those with a deeper MIP background.


IBM ILOG Optimization Virtual User Group Meetings provide you with updated and useful information about our products and how you can get the best value for your organization from our optimization technology and solutions.


These meetings are being held electronically with presentations by our product management and development subject matter experts. The sessions will run for approximately one hour, with about 45 minutes of presentation material and 15 minutes for open questions and answers. Our goal is to provide a forum for you to:


  • make smarter decisions
  • get your questions answered
  • elicit your feedback on various topics.


We look forward to your participation. Please contact Kitte Knight at for an invitation to this Webinar.

Slides available here.

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