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Pinned topic Error while logging in to sharepoint repository

‏2013-08-27T22:40:19Z | axisfault coec0121e connector initializing logging sharepoint

Good afternoon!

I've been configuring a Microsoft Sharepoint Connector to get access to a Sharepoint repository from IBM BPM. The thing is that I've tested the connection in IBM Content Integrator and it works fine. Then I accessed the sharepoint content without any problem from the Repository Browser Sample that comes with Content Integrator, using certain credentials. The problem comes when I try to access the repository from BPM. I use the exact same credentials and still get this error:

"org.apache.axis.AxisFault: COEC0121E: An error occurred while logging in to the sharepointConnectorName repository. Check your logon credentials, ensure that you can access the repository, and ensure that the connector properties are set correctly. Caused by COEJ0037E: An error occurred while initializing the connector. Caused by: com.venetica.vbr.bridge.sharepoint.SharePointBridgeFactory".

Does someone know what might be the problem?