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Pinned topic Cannot create new database using DS V4.1

‏2013-08-14T18:30:15Z |

I can connect to my database instance and work with existing database tables. I can create new database instances via the CLP. However, when I attempt to create a new database using DS, it fails. Need help resolving.

  • shudong
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    Re: Cannot create new database using DS V4.1


    Did you find out the root cause?

    I encountered the exact same problem with DB2 Express-C 10.5 and DS V4.1.

    What I find is that under /home/dasusr1/das directory, there is no bin directory installed, although there is adm directory. As a result, I could not even issue dasadmin start/stop command.

    For now, I will create new database using db2 create command instead.



  • Sean WANG
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    Re: Cannot create new database using DS V4.1


    Hi JeffHamp,

    Would you please try to run some CLP commands via Data Studio? I just want to identify if the SSH channel is available between the Data Studio Client and Data Server?