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‏2017-09-13T13:26:32Z |

In one of our environments, we have a large amount of records that have been transitioned to the null state.  When the cleanup agent runs, it runs out of DB2 transaction log space executing this:




For Workflow Instance saves, the cleanup agent now seems to remove the data in small chunks (of 1000 rows each) but for the record data cleanup - it still seems to (try to) remove all data in one huge SQL statement/transaction. Is it possible to get the cleanup agent to remove record data in chunks like it does for workflow instance saves?


Otherwise, I'm thinking of writing a small util that would run the statement above but in smaller chunks as it seems we still have the list of record ids that it tries to remove in the IBS_SPEC_CA_DELETE table. Any obvious issues with that?

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    Re: Cleanup of large amount of records


    As of 3.5.3 there have been no changes for the data to be deleted in chunks for IBS_SPEC_ASSIGNMENTS.  This sounds like a good PMR. 

    It is rarely recommended to delete records directly from the database, but in this circumstance you might be ok; however the  IBS_SPEC_CA_DELETE  only exists during the time the cleanup agent is running, it is dropped when the agent goes back to sleep.