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Pinned topic Making a workflow to automate asset loans?

‏2013-04-16T01:56:27Z |

Hi all,

I'm pretty new to Maximo and SCCD, and I'm looking to set up a system by which I can track the loans of physical assets I control. I've created a number of Assets and Locations (people) to whom the assets can be sent by modifying the item's attributes, but I'm looking for a way to do this automatically, and would greatly appreciate any help, or a link to a similar tutorial.

Basic idea of work flow (items in brackets are optional goals, since I'm not sure on whether they're achievable):

  • (Receive loan request from an external source, e.g. a web form which submits borrower, assets requested and dates requested)
  • (Check whether request is possible - resource available for dates requested)
  • (If borrower does not exist as a location, create location for borrower)
  • Set selected assets' Location attribute to borrower
  • Set a 'return date' for this loan
  • (Export this data so that it might be parsed and displayed in a wiki)
  • Email both me and the borrower a day before the assets are due back
  • Set assets' Location attribute back to home upon confirmation of their return.
  • (Export this data so that the wiki is kept up to date)

I understand that such a process is going to need at least some input to confirm the physical return of the goods, but I'd love to be able to automate as much of it as possible.