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The Packaging and Availability page of the dsmtop Wiki indicates that updated versions of dsmtop will be published here on developerWorks in both "Standalone" and "sqllib" packages.  However, no new versions have been posted since May, 2016.


I know that there are newer versions (i.e. what's included in DB2, and even saw that there was a very recent build (1.4.3, buildDate = 2017-02-13) that was published in a Special Build of DB2


Are there plans to continue offering up-to-date downloads of the standalone and sqllib versions of dsmtop here?  Downloading a full fix pack (or special build) just to get a later version of dsmtop is significantly less convenient.




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    Re: Updated dsmtop versions



    The first thing I want to clarify is, to following company's policy, dsmtop will not be published on developerWorks anymore.

    dsmtop will be bundled with DB2 V11, so any new fixpack of DB2 V11 will carrying the latest dsmtop.

    Besides the dsmtop build on May 2016, there is another official build, that is bundled with db2_v111m1fp1, there are some defects were fixed, no significant function added, so it's version still is 1.3, but there is a file named record creating timestamp, make it different from build on May 2016.


    If customer required, we can provide special build just as you saw, dsmtop 1.4.3(buildDate = 2017-02-13). But it's official release will be bundled with db2_v111m1fp2, it's about June 2017.