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‏2013-05-06T06:35:57Z | datapower destinations mq multiple

In a call processing rule I can successfully send a message to a single destination (request / reply) and receive its response, but I cannot figure out how to send a message in addition to the above within the same call processing rule that is a datagram (one-way) only without breaking the above.


ie client server = send a message to Q1 and specify the ReplyToQ - this is all done in setting things in xslt and using dp:url-open........

server client = receive and process the response from above.


So above is sound and works


When I introduce in the client server to do an additional step to send the message to a different queue, so the dp:url-open is changed to send a datagram and does not expect a response.

The server client leg fails, as it now thinks there is no response to process, when in actual fact there was.