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Pinned topic SVC DH8 Node Replacement Procedure

‏2014-08-20T12:35:12Z |

We are looking at a SVC Node Replacement (CG8 to DH8).

On IBM Knowledge center there is a link with the procedure.

Part of the procedure:

9. Install the replacement node and any expansion enclosures, if present, in the rack.

               Important: Do not connect the Fibre Channel or Ethernet cables during this step.

10. Power on the replacement node.

11. Record the WWNN of the replacement node. This name can be reused by another SAN Volume Controller 2145-DH8 node.

12. Change the WWNN name of the replacement node to match the name that you recorded in step 3:

    Use the service assistant interface to change the WWNN or issue this CLI command:

    satask chvpd -wwnn WWNN

    Where WWNN is the value you recorded from the original node.

13. Connect the Fibre Channel or Ethernet cables to the same port numbers that you recorded for the original node in step 4.


We do power on the Node, do not connect any FC\Ethernet cables.

In step 11 I have to record the WWNN.  How do I do this (with no FC and Ethernet connections).?

In step 12 we have to issue the satask command. Again, I don't have any connection.

Is this done with connection to the Technican port? Or has this be done in a different way?


With the satask command I don't have to enter a nodeid or other parameter to identify the new node.

Is this because there can only one candidate node in a cluster?

Thank you.