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‏2013-12-02T20:06:02Z |

I have a real strange issue with validation on my Datapage. I'm using Schema based validation and I have an RDD file with all my fields, all required fields are marked as <required>true</required> on the RDD file. In my Datapage, under validation, I have selected "Both required fields and type information" so the required fields are validated. Under success action I have my action class

When the form is submitted - that is a button click, I call the action class, the assumption is the required field validation will kick in. But I'm able to submit my form even without any values in the required fields.

Then I changed the on submit action class to "..._NextAction". This time the validation kicks in and all required fields are validated. But even after I enter valid values, the form is not submitted to the action class.

I realize that both these cases should work perfectly fine and it works in the rest of my app. so I'm not sure what I'm missing. Any help to resolve this issue is greatly appreciated.