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Pinned topic accessing clearcase storage from inside a vm

‏2013-11-20T13:24:40Z | clearcase vm

We're running ClearCase version with Windows 7, but some of our project need to be compiled at Win XP.

So I set up a virtual machine with VMWare Workstation.
The source files are accessed via shared folders (network connection - host only) as drive M:\.
The idea was to use Win 7 for all the ClearCase tasks (checking out/in, branching, merging, ...) while compiling inside the VM-XP.

All the tool work fine as long as the files are placed on the host machine or a server somewhere in the local network.
The problem starts when I try to use ClearCase dynamic views - the performance is incredibly bad, even when I just try to inspect the files using windows explorer, it's about ten seconds just for changing folders.

Are there any settings I can change or does a workaround exist to enhance the performance?

Thanks in advance!

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    Re: accessing clearcase storage from inside a vm


    There are too many factors that may come into play so this could not be answered easily in the forum.  I suggest you open a PMR for this issue.