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Pinned topic DRAID6 - Expanding a pool/MDisk?

‏2019-06-10T18:16:35Z |

I know this question has been asked a few years ago, but as it stands today does the StorWize V7000 GEN3 support adding/expand existing DRAID pool? I have a SSD I forgot to allocate to the DRAID6 pool when it was created and I was looking to add it to the pool instead of keeping it as a spare. Running firmware.


If it has not been added, is there an ETA when this will be a added? Not being able to expand an existing DRAID can be problematic in the long run.

  • TMasteen
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    Re: DRAID6 - Expanding a pool/MDisk?

    We are all waiting for the possibility to add one or more drives. 
    But unfortunately this is not yet the case. 
    I still have to see if this feature is coming this year.
  • exxoid2
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    Re: DRAID6 - Expanding a pool/MDisk?


    How can we find out what the status is? Someone somewhere must know if/when this will happen.

  • fincherjc
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    Re: DRAID6 - Expanding a pool/MDisk?


    Hello friends,


    This has been placed as planned for a future release and can be tracked here:



    I encourage voting up this RFE to put it at a higher priority for release.