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Pinned topic GPFS and manage access of users on filesystem according to client node

‏2019-02-14T10:54:01Z |

Hello, I 'm stand before question about restriction of users move from clients node upon mounting gpfs filesystem.


GPFS disk: test

dir structure on disk "test": /test/serverA, /test/ServerB

mounted machines: serverA, serverB, serverC

How can I restrict move of users from serverA only on filesystem /test/serverA without option to see/move filesystem /test/serverB and this same but vice versa for users from serverB and serverC. Is there some simple solution without a global groups containing all users from serverA which have access to filesystem /test/serverA. Can it solved the ACL?

I need some rule which manage access according to hostname of client node from user try to access to dir/files.