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Pinned topic Creating a source facet

‏2013-04-18T14:44:15Z |

Is there a simple way of creating a 'source' facet?

I have a collection that includes multiple sources.  I know in the 'Advanced Search' I can limit the source types included in my search but I would like to have a facet that actually maps to sources themselves.

For example, I am crawling information in a website and a discussion forum within a single collection - I would like to have 'source' facet which includes the values 'website' and 'forum' so that I can filter my results appropriately.

I have managed to create a rule in an annotator that does this based on what I know about the content within the different sources, but I am sure there must be an easier (and more reliable) approach as I would have thought it would be possible to identify the source of the content from the information collected via the crawler.

Have I missed something really obvious?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!