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‏2013-06-07T20:14:16Z |

If my company was to start using Central Server, where the CRs are in one DB and the Tasks and objects are in another, I know you can't do nested queries bridging CRs and Tasks because the queries are basically just for what is in one particular DB.
I know you get a ghost CR in the Task DB and can have what every CR attributes you want sync'd in the Task DB to do Task DB queries, but what do you get in the CR DB? Does the CR at least, or only, know what Task ID is related and anything beyond the ID would need to be queried in the Task DB, like the task status?
I think if we had those two pieces of info, we would move to Central Server.
If not, can the ghost CR be changed at all from the Task DB? My thought was if we put an attribute on the CR for task status, then we could have it as a sync'd attribute for the CR DB to see if the Task DB can change it.