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Pinned topic C:D Upgrade from 4.4.00 to 4.6.01

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What is the best way to upgrade a C:D Windows Version 4.4.00 with MySQL Commercial Server as a Full Version to C:D Windows Version 4.6.00 or 4.6.01 with the Microsoft SQL Server Express SP1.

I would like to delete the MYSQL Commercial Server and to use the Microsoft SQL Server Express SP1 which is included in the Install Package of C:D.


1. To remove the old C:D Version and Install the new Version? Will the old Database remove too from the Filesystem?

2. To make an Upgrade with the setup.exe from the Install Package? What will happen in this case with the MYSQL Full Version.?

Thams for an answer.

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    Re: C:D Upgrade from 4.4.00 to 4.6.01


    The easiest way is option 2. Run the C:D Windows installer, select Custom and then Upgrade, so that your 4.4.00 configuration and database contents will be migrated to the new version.

    You can either uncheck 'Keep <4.4.00 - nodename>' during the upgrade or manually uninstall C:D Windows 4.4.00 afterwards. Both ways will remove any private 4.4.00 instance of MySQL, too.

    The new default database is IBM solidDB now and is included with the product starting with C:D Windows
    Microsoft SQL Server Express is no longer included.