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‏2013-10-04T12:49:23Z | icn responsefilter

When we filter for "p8/getEntryTemplate" what and when does the filter apply. Is there any documentation on filters and what each one does? 

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    Re: Documentation on Filter


    /p8/getEntryTemplate is the service that retrieves an entry template, so a response filter upon it could modify entry templates before they are used.

    There is no documentation (that I know of) on the services and what they are used for.  A filter upon a service is considered an advanced customization, so documentation would be difficult to write.  The best way to understand the services is to watch as they are used in the web client using the Net tab of firebug and examine the parameters and JSON passed.  I'll admit that is not as good as documentation but it usually works.  Myself and others can help in understanding any of them using this forum as well.