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Pinned topic What are the Steps to update VIOS HBA firmware

‏2014-04-25T17:02:32Z |

We have two HBA's on each VIO Server using NPIV (dual vios setup) and the Lpars virtual adapters are mapped to each , giving the Lpars four Paths (using MPIO on the client)

I need to document the steps to update HBA firmware without taking the VIO Server down

Does anyone know of a good site or where some doc is on this subject

------I figure I would run lspath on the clients and disable the connection to the HBA that will be updated.

------I would then unmap on the VIO Server (writing down the configuration)

------Update firmware (not busy so should update)

------Remove from the VIO Server than cfgmgr it back


------enable on the clients.



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