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Pinned topic Websphere application server liberty profile connecting to MQ

‏2019-09-10T20:26:35Z | liberty-profile mq; was; websphere;

We are facing issue in on the websphere application server liberty profile where the below error keeps rolling continuously, however existing threads which are connected to mq is processing the messages with out any issues. These errors keeps rolling without any impact to application.

org.apache.camel.component.jms.DefaultJmsMessageListenerContainer - Setup of JMS message listener invoker failed for destination "QUEUE" trying to recover. Cause: Could not create JMS transaction; nested exception is com.ibm.msg.client.jms.DetailedIllegalStateException: JMSWMQ0018: Failed to connect to queue manager "QMGR" with connection mode 'Client' and host name "XXXX

Looking at the mqjms logs do see below error(please find the attachment)

We triaged from all the perspective like network, OS but no luck. Can someone help me with this issue? 

Looking at the thread dumps could see 25% of the jms threads waiting on condition, (please find the attachment)

Note: If i define SHARECNV on MQ channel, i dont see this error happening. But we dint want to do this, since it will have impact on peformance.

MQ Version 8.0 with extended support.


Please find the attachment for more details.




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