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Pinned topic HATS Portlet Communication, Global Variable Update

‏2014-04-16T15:25:05Z | global hats variable
I have two portlets, a HATS portlet and a non HATS portlet. Both are in different WAR projects.

I am using HATS 8.5. 

1. I have configured these two portlets in different pages. The first time I send the global variable, I am able to use the value in a screen event. For the first time, the screen event is triggered correctly and am able to insert the data from global variable.

When I navigate away from this page, and revisit the page with a new global variable, I see the same old screen and the same old global variable. When I checked the logs, I see the global variable value being updated but the screen event is not being triggered. Here is how i configured the screen event.

1. Trigger the event when the screen has MemberId label and the global variable MemberId exists

2. Actions, Insert the value in MemberId text. Remove the global variable after insertion to avoid infinite loop.

I also noticed, when I am revisiting it is making reconnection but I dont see the home page, instead the old screen with old data. 

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    Re: HATS Portlet Communication, Global Variable Update



    How are user navigating away from the current session? It's not usually recommended that users navigate away from a HATS session and then navigate back.

    If you are still experiencing this issue, please open a Service Request via the following URL:

    Thank you!