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Pinned topic RCMS or PMR - Conflicting tickets.

‏2019-02-18T11:32:19Z |


This has happened a few times now and I was wondering if there is a resolution to the problem. 


Our Storwize systems call home when they have a hardware failure or an alert which requires IBM support, this in turn leads to a call being raised if it is deemed action could be required from the support teams altjough we do not see this ticket until we are contacted by the support teams.  This ticket is usually an RCMS ticket.  

Additionally now we have Storage Insights installed this does something similar, although we get to see what this ticket number is, normally a PMR it can take a few hours for the RCMS reference to come through, but we can upload logs immediately to the PMR via storage insights.


The first line support teams don't seem to happy with this duplication.  Asking us to check first whether an RCMS call has been raised before raising a PMR, something we have no control over as both are done automatically.


Is there a way in Storage Insights to ensure there is only a single instance of the call, Or should we be managing this another way?



Tony Barnard.


  • Tony Narduzzi
    Tony Narduzzi
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    Re: RCMS or PMR - Conflicting tickets.


    Hi Tony,

    The best approach here is to open a support case for this issue.  In the support case please provide specific details about the PMR and RCMS numbers, timeframes, etc so that we can analyze what went wrong and why.


    We're happy to help, however this is best suited for a support case and not a forum discussion.


    -Tony Narduzzi