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Hello All,

I have a requirement to integrate ISIM 6.0 with Active Directory.  My ISIM is running on one server(windows server) and Active Directory is running on another server(windows server).  I have tried to install SetupAD64.exe on both(separate use case) ISIM and Active Directory server and then I imported the ADProfile.jar(without doing any customization) in ISIM.  But I am not able to perform Test Connection.  I am able to ping Active Directory server from ISIM server but I am not able to do telnet to Active Directory server from ISIM server on default port of 45580.  The error which I receive during Test Connection are as below


Case 1: When SetupAD64.exe is installed on Active Directory server

IO exception, Connection timed out.


Case 2: When SetupAD64.exe is installed on ISIM server


Unable to bind to base DN ( In this case I have tried providing base DN in required format, but it didn't worked.  I am not sure whether any change need to be done on server registry).


Can someone please help me.  I am struggling to make it work from last one week. 


Thank You so much in advance.



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    Re: ISIM AD Integration


    Thanks. I managed to solve the problem.  The issue was firewall blocking the requests from ISIM to AD server.