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Pinned topic Has anybody compiled the MySQL connector?

‏2013-04-17T09:09:37Z | 7 aix iodbc mysql

I'm trying to compile the MySQL connector version 5.x  on AIX7. I have gotten it to compile along with iODBC and the MySQL client libraries. Unfortunately the iODBC test program and isql both steadfastly refuse to load the dirver, they simply hang while trying to load it. Has anybody here successfully connected AIX 7 to a MySQL 5.x series  database.


P.S. I don't suppose there is a 32 and 64 bit MySQL driver available from a 3rd party vendor? I can't find anybody who sells one.

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    Re: Has anybody compiled the MySQL connector?


    See if you can find out where they are hanging...use dbx to attach to the processes.