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Pinned topic Error Exchange Create on Active Directory Adapter

‏2019-04-15T09:54:49Z | ad exchange isim

we are facing problem connecting ISIM Production environment with customer Exchange environment.
Actually the test connection from ISIM to Agent works fine. 
The creation of new account Active Directory work fine but the communication with Exchange (creation new Exchange contact) does not work. Agent log that will be attached are at maximum level.
We need to know in detail which kind of powershell command is executed by the agent for exchange management and in detail which kind of authentication is supported between agent and exchange server.
Currectly, between agent server and exchange server there is a firewall and was opened port TCP 443.
The preferred server inserted is: 
The telnet 443 works fine.

Agent log details:

1. Start Service Agent Adapter. You can find log
from DBG:19/04/15 11:00:06 to BSE:19/04/15 11:00:07

2. Test Connection Adapter from ISIM. You can find log
from BSE:19/04/15 11:03:54 to DTL:19/04/15 11:05:06

3. Creation of new Account AD + Exchange contact. You can find log
from BSE:19/04/15 11:06:19 to end of file
As you can see in the log last row before the errors is:
DTL:19/04/15 11:06:21 Thread:005780 EXCH 1 11:06:21 Setting preferred servers to: Exclusive flag = False
What is the powershell command that is executed in this point of run ?

As you can see the main error is:

DTL:19/04/15 11:37:20 Thread:005780 EXCH 1 11:06:21 [] Connecting to remote server failed with the following error message : WinRM cannot process the request. The following error occurred while using Kerberos authentication: The computer is unknown to Kerberos. Verify that the computer exists on the network, that the name provided is spelled correctly, and that the Kerberos configuration for accessing the computer is correct. The most common Kerberos configuration issue is that an SPN with the format HTTP/ is not configured for the target. If Kerberos is not required, specify the Negotiate authentication mechanism and resubmit the operation. For more information, see the about_Remote_Troubleshooting Help topic.


Attached te log file