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Pinned topic Version 4.6.01 SOLID Database

‏2013-08-13T12:20:11Z |

Have downloaded C:D Windows 4.6.00 and installed. Have downloaded the latest Patch 4.6.03 and installed.

Previously I have installed the MS SQL Server Express Database.

It works fine.

My Question: How can I use the Solid DB?

"The new default database is IBM solidDB now and is included with the product starting with C:D Windows"

To install 4.6.01 I have to install 4.6.00 and I can' find this Database. Is this Database within the Patch and I have to install 4.6.00 without any Database?

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    Re: Version 4.6.01 SOLID Database


    Applying a fix pack is a maintenance task and therefore will not change the list of features installed.
    The 4.6.00 base installer was not aware of IBM solidDB and applying fix pack is not going to add it.

    To add IBM solidDB here, use the Control Panel method described in Release Notes, Special Considerations:

    If you do not install IBM solidDB as your database and would like to install it
    at a later time, re-run setup.exe. You can also install the solidDB feature using
    the "Add/Remove Programs" tool from the Windows XP/2003 Control Panel,
    or "Programs and Features" on Windows Vista, 2008R2 or Windows 7.

    Alternatively you can reinstall using a installer, where IBM solidDB will be the default database.
    As far as I know, the current installer available for download from Passport Advantage is (even if some info may still say "4.6.00").
    Alternatively download the fix pack from Fix Central. The zip file does contain the installer, too.