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Pinned topic DS3400 "Controller Memory Parity Error"

‏2014-08-06T21:03:44Z | controller ds3400 error memory parity
after error message about hardware of a controller A of a IBM DS3400, i've substitute the controller with another with 1GB of ram preinstalled.
So i replaced memory from 1GB to 512MB on a Controller but iìve received the error "Controller Memory Parity Error".
The memory of controller is now 512MB but from the subsystem information i still read 1GB. I tried to disconnect the controller cache battery for 15 minutes and reinstall the DIMM but nothing.
With command "reset storageSubsystem diagnosticData" i can update the controller data? This command in dangerous for the availability of the entire storage?
The other controller work perfectly...
Is there anybody that can help me? Thanks
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