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Pinned topic Error: Desktop Cannot be opened in IBM Content Navigator

‏2013-05-01T10:56:34Z | content ibm icn navigator

Hi All,

I am unable to get the IBM Content Navigator login page. I am Getting the Following error after  the deployment of IBM Content Navigator.


"The Desktop cannot be opened.

The desktop ID is not defined in the web client administration tool.

Ask your system administrator to review the web application server log file for information about the desktop ID. CIWEB1002"


I have installed IBM Content Navigator 2.0.1 and have configured using the ICN Config and Deployment Tool. After the deployment, i have run the modified db2 script and restarted the WAS.

When I am verifying the DB2 script has run successfully using the below query, the query is returning 3 rows instead of 125 rows.

select count(1) from schema_name.Configuration

I have run the scipt again, but still the query is retuning 3 rows.


Below is the IBM FileNet Configuration used.

MS Active Directory

IBM DB2 9.5.1



IBM FN PE 5.0.3

IBM WXT 1.1.5

IBM DB2 JDBC Driver 3.51.90

ICN 2.0.1

can anyone please help me in sorting out this issue.


  • damorris
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    Re: Error: Desktop Cannot be opened in IBM Content Navigator


    Hmm, I'm not sure why you wouldn't just let the configuration tool run the scripts.  It looks like you ran the DB2_CREATE_SCRIPT.sql only.  You also need to run the <ICN INSTALL DIR>/configure/dbscripts/db2/modified/DB2_ONE_SCRIPT.sql as that will populate the tables with the standard data, including the default administration desktop ID.

  • kumavive
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    Re: Error: Desktop Cannot be opened in IBM Content Navigator


    Are you able to hit the ICN ping page and verify page -

    verify URL - http://server:port/Navigator/viewers/verify.jsp

    Ping URL - http://server:port/Navigator/Ping. If you have completed all the post configuration then should be able to get the admin page -

    If this page is coming then try to access the admin page first - http://server:port/Navigator/?desktop=admin

    And if you still getting the error then could be database having issue. check the datasource connection. For more information, application server logs would help you.

  • ThirumuruganB
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    Re: Error: Desktop Cannot be opened in IBM Content Navigator


    Since you have run the DB script manually,  make sure the delimiter and the SQL scripts are  with proper EOF. We had same issue when we did run SQL script manually.