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Pinned topic IBM DS Storage Manager 10.86 for x86_64 Linux

‏2013-05-10T17:14:18Z |

Wanting to get the new DS Storage Manager 10.86 on my x86_64 Linux systems, I used DownloadDirector to get the  SM10.86_Linux_64bit_x86-64_single-10.86.x5.28.tgz tarball (since I am using the RPMs to maintain my systems that need this).  However, upon unpacking it, I find these RPMs are shipped:




Attempting to install them, RPM notes these are for Itanium, which is not the same as x86_64.  (It isn't just the file name that is wrong.)  If I peek at the file lists, they do look to install in the amd64 locations -- but what are these, really?