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Pinned topic Call to BAQCSTUB failing with SOC1

‏2018-12-13T09:37:07Z | api baqcstub requester


I have a CICS api developed with zos connect. I want to call this API from a cobol batch program. I have followed all the steps like creating .ara file and adding config elements in server.xml file. I have developed the cobol batch requester program and calling BAQCSTUB module supplied in system installation directory.

when i run the job I am getting below error. CEE3201S The system detected an operation exception (System Completion Code=0C1) From compile unit //'ZOSCONN.B.OPEN.STREAM.BAQSRC(BAQWEBT)' at entry po -15DD3720 at entry offset -15DD3720 at address 00000000. 
Possible Bad Branch: Statement: 1011 Offset: +000000F2

I have compiled my cobol module with DYNAM option.

I can see the load module BAQCSTUB in the system directory and i have concatenated the PDS to steplib of my run jcl. Any help would be appreciated

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