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Pinned topic Migrate to Image Mode Volume - What is the risk?

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I'm migrating vdisks from SVC to V7000 using Migrate to Image Mode.

My understanding is that this process does the following:

1. Read an extent from the source volume

2. Write the extent to the target volume

3. Delete the extent from the source volume

4. Update the image mode volume


Have I got this right?

My concern is that I have quite a few TB of data to migrate. The SVC and V7000 are in separate DCs and have 2 x 2Gbps connections. If we suffer a serious outage, e.g. complete power failure in one DC, where would that leave the migration process?




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    Re: Migrate to Image Mode Volume - What is the risk?


    You can use the addvdiskcopy command so you have data both Places until you decide to do the actual move. (you have to do the addvdiskcopy from command line, as the gui cant do this as image mode)

    When doing this, the Sync Mirror rate of the volume will affect the speed the vdisk copy is made in. (default, 50% is 2 MB/s, 100%=64 MB/s) - This can be changed in the GUI.

    Thats how I've done similar operations in the past.