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Pinned topic Problem installing IBM Rational License Server

‏2013-08-07T14:51:22Z |

When I try to install IBM Rational License Server I get the following 8.0.3 on Solaris.

cp: cannot access /big5/ibm/RLKSSERVER_SETUP_SOLARIS_SPARC/disk1/launchpad/lib
cp: cannot access /big5/ibm/RLKSSERVER_SETUP_SOLARIS_SPARC/disk1/launchpad/../jre

Any suggestions?

  • Ashok.Rao
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    Re: Problem installing IBM Rational License Server


    Hi webdbase, 

    With the information provided I see these might be 2 reasons for the error :-

    * You may be installing a license server for solaris sparc OS where the OS version may be a plain Solaris version. The version you may be installing is ratlLicenseKeyServer-8-1-2_Sol_Sparc.tar, where you may be required a version like

    * Root access is required for the installation to go through. So please make sure the user logged in with is a root. 

    Should you have further queries, please reply to this.