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Pinned topic IBM Data Studio 4.1 - show execution plan at bind time

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I have previously been working with the old tool Visual Explain against DB2 for Z/OS (DB2 version 6 through 8, I believe). In this tool, it was possible to retrieve and display execution plan information for statements in a given package (= the execution plan that was generated at bind time) - of course provided that package was bound with explain option. 

Now I'm on DB2 for Z/OS version 10 - and the former Visual Explain is not supported for this db version.   

I have been searching for the same option in IBM Data Studio 4.1 - but was unable to find it.

Can anybody tell me whether or not this option is available in IBM Data Studio 4.1 - and if it is, where/how I can find it.

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    Re: IBM Data Studio 4.1 - show execution plan at bind time


    Hi Carsten,

    Hope the following short guideline is helpful to you:

    Step 1:  From the  "Data Source Explorer" , target your package, and select "Start tune" from the context menu just as the screenshot1.png shows, finally the "Query Tunner Workflow Assistant" editor will popup. 

    Step 2: From the "Captured Statements", select the SQL statement you would like to view access plan, and then select "Tune statement..." from the context menu as the screenshot2.png shows.

    Step 3: If your package is bound with option EXPLAIN(YES), you can make the option "Re-EXPLAIN the query" unchecked, it allows you retrieve and display execution plan in the previous bind time. As the screenshot3.png shows, click button "Select what to run...", and ensure select "Access plan graph" selected in the subsequent runing.


    Thanks and Best Regards

    Liang Gaozhong 
    IBM China Software Development Lab