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Pinned topic Help with Joe Pluta example

‏2013-05-18T23:51:13Z |

Hi all
i was interested to the Pluta's example ( at; i have dowloaded it and imported in my workspace but i have this problems (N.B. i'm using Rational RBD Version:
1- when i try to open the init.egl and the pagex.egl, in the preview and design mode i see a blank screen
2- if i try to open the .egldd file i receive the error "Could not open the editor: org.eclipse.emf.ecore.xmi.PackageNotFoundException: Package with uri '' not found. (platform:/resource/Paging/EGLSource/Paging.egldd, 2, 78)

so i tried to create a new my RUI Ui project and paste the source Egl files in the EGLSource folder , but now i have this other problems:
1- when i open the init.egl file i receive this error: "@ Job.schedule(2000)
[CRRUI2002E] addPage
An error occurred inside Init: this.pageStack is null
[CRRUI2094E] Here are the EGL function calls leading to this error:
Init.addPage() [native JavaScript]
Init.start2() [native JavaScript]"

i also noted the in my new project i have not the folder EGLBin and generatedJavaScript, where i0m wrong ? i have not created correctly the new projcet ?
can some help to understand the problems that i have with the imported project and with the new project that i created

Thanks in advance and sorry but
these are my first test with EGL

  • Ortwin
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    Re: Help with Joe Pluta example

    ‏2013-05-20T19:09:01Z  in response to giocot



    The example Joe provided is for EDT (EDT is an open-source version of the EGL development tooling on which the IBM contribution has stalled). An EDT project cannot be used in RBD without modifications.

    The project attached to this post is the Paging project of Joe adapted to be used in RBD. I created this project in RBD

    To use this project make sure the common EGL projects are in your workspace. If they are not first create a dummy EGL RUI project. This causes the EGL projects to be created aswel.

    Import the PagingRBD project by using Import -> General -> Existing projects into Workspace. And in the wizard selecting 'Select archive file'.

    Good luck.



    • giocot
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      Re: Help with Joe Pluta example

      ‏2013-05-21T14:50:23Z  in response to Ortwin

      Hi  Ortwin

      now it's woks , many thanks for your help