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Pinned topic IBM Web Experience Factory 8.0 and Eclipse

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Can someone please confirm that Eclipse 4.2 (Juno) is compatible and supported to use with WEF 8.0


  • mburati
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    Re: IBM Web Experience Factory 8.0 and Eclipse


    The System Requirements for WEF 8.0 appear to be listed at:

    which lists Eclipse 3.6.2 as the supported Eclipse version for Web Experience Factory 8.0.

    At a minimum, newer Eclipse versions may have incompatibilities in some of their web viewer plugins, so some features may not work or may be limited, if you try to use WEF Designer with a newer version than the officially stated supported version.


    I hope that info helps,
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  • gsager
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    Re: IBM Web Experience Factory 8.0 and Eclipse


    WEF 8.0 does not work correctly in the eclipse 4.2 version of eclipse.  There were changes to the Web tools components are incompatible with WEF 8.  3.6.2 is the version we include and we know it works. If you have to use 4.2 I would recommend using at least 4.2.2.  If you do you will not have a design view while editing a model and we are not sure if other things will work correctly.  If you do get your own eclipse it must be the j2ee version not the standard eclipse.  We use many parts of the web tools platform.