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Pinned topic V8.5.Next Beta LTPA tokens and SSO

‏2013-05-30T13:14:23Z | ltpa sso

Hi I try to test some LTPA tokens code.

I modified the liberty server.xml


 <basicRegistry id="123" realm="BasicRegistry">
    <user name="user" password="pass"/>

as well as adding <feature>ltpa-1.0</feature> and <feature>appSecurity-2.0</feature> to the feature list...

I have a login form which validates the user+pass .

If the password is wrong , Liberty will throw a message saying: 

Authentication did not succeed for user ID dfsd. An invalid user ID or password was specified.

If password is correct: I get  ClassCastException: java.lang.ClassCastException: myclass.MyResponseWrapper cannot be cast to


at [internal classes]


now my myclass.MyResponseWrapper extends HTTPServletResponseWrapper which itself implement s HTTPServletResponse.

So I wonder what went wrong here (it worked fine in previous version of Liberty profile) 

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    Re: V8.5.Next Beta LTPA tokens and SSO



    The ltpa-1.0 feature is not public so you should be getting an error if that is in your server.xml - please remove it and see if that improves the behavior.  

    Thanks, Alex.