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Pinned topic How to limit the number of HTTPS Sessions on the Liberty Profile

‏2013-11-25T06:08:43Z |

Hi Folks,

I am testing an application based on GWT (Google Web Toolkit) on the Liberty Profile ( I want to limit the number of HTTPS Sessions on the application.

I tried adding the following to reduce the max Sessions to 1:

<httpSession maxInMemorySessionCount="1" debugCrossover="true" sslTrackingEnabled="true" allowOverflow="false" invalidationTimeout="1800" invalidateOnUnauthorizedSessionRequestException="true"/>
 <httpOptions keepAliveEnabled="false"/>
 <connectionManager maxPoolSize="1" maxConnectionsPerThread="1" />

I am still able to have more than 1 users login to the application in parallel.

a) Is there any way in which I can limit the sessions or limiting the number of users (logins).

b) Or is this a known issue or defect that got fixed in later Liberty version.

c) Or Liberty Profile doesnt support this option.

d) Or I have not set the properties correctly.



PS: The Features in the server.xml are :