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I am using a Split Activity to Upsert a batch of 200 records from Database to 

After upsert I need to update the Database back again with the resultstatus/message of upsert.


I am able to update the success records correctly. But for the failure records I am seeing issues with the 

Upsert output value for 'errors' which I am unable to map directly to the DB error field. 


Please suggest a workaround, to map all the errrors correctly for all the records in the batch (which have failed in the batch)



Swetha Rai

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    Re: Output of Upsert Objects Activity

    The output of the Upsert Objects operation is a positional set. The output results document will contain one instance of result per input "object". This also applies to results document produced by the  Insert, Update, and Delete Objects operations.
    In order to meaningfully handle results, you probably will need to positionally  merge the input (e.g., database key field(s)) with the output.  Unfortunately, the Data Quality Merge activity does not properly handle a merge based on the XPath position function. So, you will have to handle the merge yourself.  This can be done in a custom XSLT or web service; a brute force approach can use nested For Each loops.
    Once you have the merged set, you can filter "in" those that have a populated errors node and use the database key to update the database.
    BTW I have an open Request for Enhancement (#32160) related to the Data Quality Merge activity and the position function. If you think it would be useful, please vote.