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Pinned topic Activity log in TEM

‏2014-04-03T07:56:58Z |

Hi  Team,

can someone help to get the baseline/task delete or modified log in bigfix?whether we can find user login or when it got deleted from bigfix log.


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    Re: Activity log in TEM



    I'm not sure what exactly you are looking for.

    Are you asking about a log of when things are deleted in the console?

    Do you mean when the tasks / baselines themselves are deleted, or an action of a task / baseline is deleted?


    What do you mean by "bigfix log" ?   Do you mean on a BigFix client machine, the Console, or the Root Server?


    Some of the information you are looking for may be in the "Server_Audit.log" located:  BigFix Enterprise\BES Server  on the root server, but I think the rest will only be found in the SQL DB.