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Pinned topic Setting HTTP header in a GET

‏2013-06-26T17:34:14Z |

I have a MPGW where the client to server rule must insert an HTTP header field. In the POST request this works fine, there is an xml message body, the rule executes and the stylesheet inserts the required field.

However, for the REST style GET request, where there is no message body, (/gateway-web/enrol/v1/issuers/10020936/customers/9999999993/?rid=100209229)  the rule is not executed, I get the message...

The configuration has disabled rule processing in one direction. This may be due to an 'unprocessed' rule setting, or a dataflow which is inherently unidirectional, such as HTTP GET transactions which only have databodies in the response path.

How can I insert a field into the GET request?


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    Re: Setting HTTP header in a GET


    make sure that unprocessed setting is off in your processing rule settings.