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Pinned topic DS8000 : performance problems - paraemeters recommended for monitorization

‏2013-07-04T14:38:48Z | ds8000 monitorization paramenters performance pprc san showioport sndbufzero:

Hi all,

we have observed drastic changes in the performance of our environment with a DS8000.

Analisis of the PE-Package during bad and good performance shows high "sndBufZero" values. So we concluded that we might point the monitorization to parameters catered for with showioport. "sndBufZero" apparently is currently not yet included.

For testing the pprc was stoppend only once and a backup executed. The next day pprc was switched on again. Since then no performance problems observed.

We have the suspicion that this action changed "something in the background".

We would like to monitore this "unknown parameter" as a preventive measure. Please advise / share your suggestions how to find out if it was really the stopping of the pprc or something else that got us back to a good performance.
thanks in advance, much appreciated


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