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Pinned topic How do I find the right DB2 JDBC Driver?

‏2013-06-11T18:39:40Z |
The DB2 Universal JDBC driver versions are included with DB2 products.  A table with the complete listing is available here.  The article also includes notes on how to check for the version. 

This is also covered by the technical article 1363866,

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    Re: How do I find the right DB2 JDBC Driver?

    ‏2013-06-14T14:26:00Z  in response to amccarl
    Hello!  We've had a number of clients respond through feedback to our technical documents indicating that they have further questions or comments that require additional dialogue.  Unfortunately, our feedback is anonymous, so unless an email address or other contact information is included, we have no way to get back in touch with you.
    Within DB2 support, the management team asked if we could somehow link our documents to the forums so that we could invite more discussion - like this!   As a start, we chose about 30 technical articles and "seeded" the forum with initial entries so that we could have a starting place for conversation.  The documents have now been updated with links to the forums as well.  
    Hopefully, we will make DB2 support better by providing more interaction around our technical information!
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    Re: How do I find the right DB2 JDBC Driver?

    ‏2013-09-18T09:34:25Z  in response to amccarl


    We recently migrated DB2v9.6 to v10.1 .
    Even though I created new JDBC provider and the classpath is pointing to the v10 jar files in the Admin console of WebSphere Application Server.
    still the logs are having the JDBC driver number as 3.59.81 which is v9.6 JDBC provder model

    [9/18/13 9:00:03:378 GMT] 0000002b SystemOut     O [AMT] [GWALogger] [2013-09-18 09:00:03,378] [DEBUG] Setting up a new datasource 
    [9/18/13 9:00:03:992 GMT] 0000002b PrivExAction  W   J2CA0144W: No mappingConfigAlias found for ConnectionFactory or DataSource jdbc/isc_tools_cf_aamt_aamtdbDS.
    [9/18/13 9:00:05:796 GMT] 0000002b InternalGener I   DSRA8203I: Database product name : DB2/AIX64
    [9/18/13 9:00:05:815 GMT] 0000002b InternalGener I   DSRA8204I: Database product version : SQL10012
    [9/18/13 9:00:05:818 GMT] 0000002b InternalGener I   DSRA8205I: JDBC driver name  : IBM DB2 JDBC Universal Driver Architecture
    [9/18/13 9:00:05:821 GMT] 0000002b InternalGener I   DSRA8206I: JDBC driver version  : 3.59.81
    [9/18/13 9:00:05:825 GMT] 0000002b InternalDB2Un I   DSRA8212I: DataStoreHelper name is:
    [9/18/13 9:00:05:830 GMT] 0000002b WSRdbDataSour I   DSRA8208I: JDBC driver type  : 4

    I guess it should have been changed to 3.65.77 ? 

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    Re: How do I find the right DB2 JDBC Driver?

    ‏2014-10-26T00:15:49Z  in response to amccarl
    I am posting to this thread because it is mentioned in IBM's list of JDBC driver versions (document reference 1363866). That document is actively maintained by IBM, and I reference it often, but it is missing an important piece of information that would greatly assist DB2 administrators.
    When a DBA obtains an application snapshot for a JDBC connection, the only identifying information the snapshot provides about the JDBC driver version is the "Client database manager product ID" ("JCC03000", for example). Assuming this string corresponds to a specific fix pack level of a DB2 JDBC driver and always varies by version, it would be a tremendous help to DBAs if the 1363866 technote included it, since obtaining any of the other attributes in that document require access to the JDBC driver JAR files, which are typically buried deep within an application server, or -even worse- an end user's workstation. When a DBA is trying to diagnose a troublesome connection, authoritatively identifying a JDBC driver's version from application snapshot data is considerably more practical than chasing down the actual JAR file.
    If the database client manager product ID string (client_prdid) for JCC connections indicated the JDBC driver version as intuitively as it does for CLI connections (where SQL09071 indicates v9.7 FP1) then it wouldn't be necessary to document all the JDBC driver strings somewhere, since a DBA could simply infer the JDBC driver version from the client_prdid element provided by the application snapshot. However, encountering a client_prdid such as JCC03000 (a real-world example) when the 1363866 technote shows no JDBC driver v3.0.0 exists demonstrates that it's not that straightforward.
    I hope IBM agrees with me and ultimately incorporates the client_prdid for each JDBC driver into technote 1363866, which will save me the effort of downloading every client fix pack on my own and building the list myself.
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