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‏2013-10-04T16:51:17Z | mdm-migration

Hi All

I am a SCM specialist working with IBM Rational products such as ClearCase, RTC, build & deploy automation etc, all on WebSphere platform, not much to do with MDM or InfoSphere. However, this is the second time I am in a MDM development team, taking care of the SCM part, version control and build automation, release etc.

Before got on SCM, I was a Java developer, but my real development stopped at about 10 years ago as a J2EE/WebSphere development architect, my time was still with EJB, Struts 1.1, JSP, etc. Plus I don't have much knowledge in database stuffs as well.

However, since I am in the MDM team, and I have a Java developer background and I am using WebSphere all the time, the manager is asking me if I can take over some Java development work. My question to you guys are:

1. What do I need to pick up in terms of Java to fill the past 10 years gap, in order to do the development for MDM?

2. What do I need to pick up in terms of database stuffs?

3. What do I need to learn in order to work on InfoSphere MDM?

Overall, it is a good idea to transfer from SCM to MDM? As I see Big Data is becoming a trend quickly so I am very interested.

Thank you all.