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Pinned topic How do I configure Power Linux to call IBM when a disk drive fails?

‏2014-01-15T12:38:43Z |

I was using iprconfig to gather information for a potential upgrade on the hardware running (among other lpars) this suse linux lpar when I noticed a failed drive.

OPT Name   PCI/SCSI Location          Description               Status
--- ------ -------------------------- ------------------------- ----------------
           0000:c0:01.0/0:            PCI-X SCSI RAID Adapter   Operational
    sda    0000:c0:01.0/0:255:0:0     RAID 5 Disk Array         Optimized
           0000:c0:01.0/0:1:3:0         RAID 5 Array Member     Failed
           0000:c0:01.0/0:1:4:0         RAID 5 Array Member     Active
           0000:c0:01.0/0:1:5:0         RAID 5 Array Member     Active
           0000:c0:01.0/0:1:6:0         RAID 5 Array Member     Active
           0000:c0:01.0/0:1:9:0         RAID 5 Array Member     Active
           0000:c0:01.0/0:0:15:0      Enclosure                 Active
           0000:c0:01.0/0:1:15:0      Enclosure                 Active
           0001:c0:01.0/1:            PCI-X SCSI Adapter        Operational


On my IBM i lpars they would have automatically notified IBM and they would have called me up and scheduled a replacement.

How do I configure same on this linux lpar?