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Pinned topic Storage limitations when using dWorks Communities

‏2013-05-27T07:26:50Z | file limitations limits size storage


Are there any storage limits in developerWorks Communities ?  


1) limits in File sizes
2) limit in number of files / attachments in a Work Item
3) any storage size limitations ?  (ie, max 2 GB per Community) . . .


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    Re: Storage limitations when using dWorks Communities


    Howdy can send a request to talk2dw, help id in the grey section below, (Jeff Antley is on leave for a few days) is very helpful and have been loaded up after the move to connections V4.5 and all the dW add ons that broke along the move. They'll look into your request. The limit I am aware of is 2Gb per community. There are some limits on attachments in some places of 10Mb where you get a warning, but in other places there is no warning, like in this reply. There doesn't appear to be a limit on a file that I am aware of, but when you hit the 2Gb limit, it lets you know.


    Some communities add a sub community to put files in there, but it really destroys the usability


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