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Pinned topic Data Migration from XIV to V7000

‏2013-07-03T18:32:45Z |

hi guys

I have a XIV 92% full and I need to free some space so we have a V7000 that has a lot of free space.

So we have 2 AIX hosts attached to this XIV that we need to copy all data and have all that data available in the V7000 so those AIX will entirely use the v7000 for data and boot.

So what do I need in order to accomplish this at Storage Site....

Do I need External Virtualization License at V7000 side?

what else?

any idea it's much appreciated 

thanks a lot

  • AndersLorensen
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    Re: Data Migration from XIV to V7000

    ‏2013-07-04T07:11:25Z  in response to kopper

    Licenses are needed for external virtualization. But you are not using external virtualization. You are migrating to the internal disks in the storwize. You'd only need the license if the data was kept at the XIV, but the host accessed the data through the storwize.

    During a migration, you have a grace period of 45-60 days (cant remember exact number) where you can play around with external virtualization.


    I'm not an AIX Expert - so cant say if there are special procedures regarding AIX. Especially if it does boot from SAN, I'd suspect there could be issues. But here is a general way of migrating a host from another SAN to a Storwize:


    1. Zone the FC switches so the Storwize can see the XIV.

    2. Install the new multipath driver for the Storwize (unless its the same of course)

    3. Turn off the AIX hosts.

    4. Zone the AIX hosts to access the storwize and remove their access to the XIV storage.

    5. On the XIV, present the LUN's the AIX hosts used, to the Storwize, and unpresent them to the AIX hosts.

    6. On the Storwize, Run the Migration Wizard.

    7. Turn on the AIX hosts.

    8. When the Storage Migration is done, Run "finalize" on the storage migration jobs.


    Until you perform 8, the data will be Places both locations (XIV and storwize) and will be sync mirrored. This will affect performance a Little.


    During 6, you can rename the MDISKS and LUN's - DO IT!. MDISKS on the storwize are so much easier to handle when they are named properly.


    Total downtime is, depending on the number of LUN's, in my experience between 10 and 30 minutes. I've migrated MSCS clusters with 2 LUN's, 2 hosts in 15 minutes. The worst I've done took 39 minutes with 2 hosts in a MSCS cluster with 9 LUNs presented running as VM's with RDMs, where RDM's needs to be recreated.







    • kopper
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      Re: Data Migration from XIV to V7000

      ‏2013-07-04T20:25:58Z  in response to AndersLorensen

      thanks  a  lot Anders

      very great detail on the steps and recommendations