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Pinned topic Party Role Type dropdown is not getting populated after DSUI Customization

‏2014-06-18T18:17:33Z | mdm-migration

I have done additions and extensions of attributes @ MDM side. I am displaying these attributes @ DSUI side. So, I have created SDO Objects. Both the workspaces are up. Now I am testing whether all the attributes are present on the JSP Pages.

One thing I observed, On Search Party Page, there are many dropdowns which fetches data from codetables like Country Type, Identification Type, party Role Type.....All the dropdown values are getting fetched from MDM side. but for party Role Type, i am not getting the values populated in the dropdown.

I debugged the whole code, I observed, there is a problem in sort method which is responsible for sorting of attributes in the dropdown. 

Class : EmfObjectSorter (in DSUI Code)

private void sort(List list, EmfCollationKey[] arrEmfCollnKey,
                      EmfCollationKeyComparator objCollationKeyComparator) {
        int intListsize = list.size();
        Arrays.sort(arrEmfCollnKey, objCollationKeyComparator);
for (int i = 0; i < intListsize; i++) {

I am getting an InvocationtargetException for line list.add(arrEmfCollnKey[i].getObjParent());

this is with the customized DSUI workspace, I checked with the flow, and variables, everything seems the same.

Anyone faced this issue ?

Please help if any guesses...

Thanks in advance. - Prachi A.