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Pinned topic links dissapeared after scrolling for a while

‏2013-08-22T18:33:50Z | ilvarrowline

Bascially the links between nodes disappeared after scrolling down for a while. If I scroll back up, the links show up, but scrolling down again to a certain point, links disappeared again. (I have a lot of nodes in a container in this case, say 12 of them.) Please see attached image to see this problem.

before broken:

after broken:

My link extends IlvCompositeGraphic, containing a IlvArrowLine and a IlvIcon(my drop point for Drag and Drop).

public class LinkView extends IlvCompositeGraphic {
    private IlvArrowLine link;
    private IlvIcon dropIcon;


I put in following code in my link code to see if draw() routine is called.


public void draw(Graphics g, IlvTransformer ilvTransformer){
        System.out.println("++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++linkview, draw, gety0:  " + ilvTransformer.gety0());
        super.draw(g, ilvTransformer);

It turned out the draw() routine is not executed when the links are dissapearing.

has anyone run into similar issues before? thanks.

  • Michel Eisenmann
    Michel Eisenmann
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    Re: links dissapeared after scrolling for a while



    Without looking at your code, this is usually something that happens when you have an object that draws itself

    out of its boundingBox. I suggest you check that the boundingBox of your graphic object is properly computed.

    Remember also that adding System.out.println in a draw method may have some strange impact on the actual

    drawing. If you want to check if your method is called, I suggest you add a breakpoint in debug mode if you have

    an IDE...

    Hope this helps