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Pinned topic What is .Dat file that we use for stage1 migration in VAGen To EGL Migration?

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Dear All,

Can anyone tell me the significance of .dat file  that we use for stage 1 Migration and where it resides.

Thanks in Advance.

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    Re: What is .Dat file that we use for stage1 migration in VAGen To EGL Migration?



    The .dat file is not a "part" of the VAGen to EGL migration tools. 

    In VAGen, normally source code is stored in the EMSRV repository (as projects and packages).     One way to move code from one repository to another was to export the projects (Java-based) or Applications (Smalltalk based) in the Java/Smalltalk workbench.  The output of that export was a .dat file.     You could then import that .dat file into another repository.  So, as we chatted yesterday, the reference to a .dat file in the education materials was a just a way that the source code was provided to you to use in the labs.  We had exported the VAGen projects from our repository and you could then import into yours.

    The VAGen to EGL migration tools assume you are already have your source code in a repository.   Therefore, there is no need to have/use a .dat file as your code would be already be accessible from the workbench.

    Again, as we chatted yesterday, you seem to only have a .esf file.  So, you either need to:

    - import this file into VAGen/Java using VAGen's tools.  The end result will be source code in a project/package in the repository and then you can run the stage1->stage 3 tools against this.


    -  You can just import the .esf file directly into RBD/EGL using the single file migration technique as documented in the VAGen to EGL Migration Guide.   You said you had one .esf file with all the source and it was a small number of programs (15 or so) this should work also.