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Pinned topic Misleading error message?

‏2017-03-01T18:36:14Z | #error #requestcentral

When submitting a Change Space or Need Space request, I see the following message when I click on the Create Draft button:

No services are available under the Service Request section for the building.  Please contact the Application Administrator.

If you look at the triBuilding form, it does not appear to have a "Service Request" section. Exactly what area should I be looking at on the building record to address the issue?

To replicate the problem, it might be best to create a new building record with only very basic information (required fields only) filled out.

In the Change Space or Need Space request, select the Building and an Organization (required fields) and click the Create Draft button. The attention message shown above should appear. I added a service matrix record on the off chance that "Service Request" was actually supposed to be "Service Matrix", but that did not do any good.

UPDATE! This error is happening because I changed the name of the triChangeSpace form to cstChangeSpace since I needed to customize the form. If I keep my changes in place, I can rename the form to triChangeSpace and this message does not appear. The message also did not prevent me from being able to submit the request. The form name change also prevented me from selecting the Service Request type in the form, which I think is why the message is displayed in the first place.

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    Re: Misleading error message?


    Thanks Chris. As a side note, with the 3.5.1 introduction of object labels and revisions, you're not required in 3.5.1 or later to use the classic "cst" naming convention any more.

    To others interested, for reference, here are the new naming convention best practices.