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Pinned topic 2025 error. The new connection to Queue Manager Could not be opened

‏2013-12-30T11:31:14Z |


I am getting error 2025 which says the new connection to the queue manager cannot be opened.

Below is how i am testing.

I have a MPG which has MQ MSH and a static backed defined

1) I disabled the MQ FSF. I am putting 700 messages to queue. For each txn/ message, Database will be queried from DP.

2) I am enabling the MQ FSH ( now i consider that, DP is processing 300+ txns will be processed per second)

Now, if i am querying DB2, i am able to get all the 700 txns without any error.

But if i query the same data hosted in Oracle DB, I am seeing 2025 error in log. Many messages were lost because of this.

How can i get rid of this error?

But to the strange part, if i use Sharing Conversations value as 50 at Queue Manager side, I am not getting any error in log. Am able to process 700 txns successfully.

Below are the values i used at a glance.

For DB2 to process 700 txns:

Total connection Limit: 100

Sharing conversations: 0

Result: Success for all 700txn

The above config failed to query Oracle DB where i lose almost 60 to 70% of txns

But if set Sharing COnversations to 50, all txns are success.

Can anyone please provide your inputs here.