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Pinned topic .TBD at the end of files when trying to sync

‏2014-03-12T18:27:55Z | .tbd ce errors file name preceding with

We've recently experienced one of our developers encountering RMC files showing up with odd file names including a .TBD at the end and then getting errors after authoring and when preparing to syncronize.    It's also generation a strange CEFC... in front of the file name.   Has anybody else encountered this problem?   If so, what have done to address the problem.   

I've attached a screen shot of what the file looks like at the time of  attempting to syncronize.


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    Re: .TBD at the end of files when trying to sync


    I have not seen this error.

    However, a couple of considerations:

    1. Keep path names short to avoid exceeding the windows limit (255 max characters file path length).
    Strange things can happen when you exceed that limit.

    2. When creating an element and there is a file already existing with the same name, RMC will append a number to the end to distinguish the new file.  Try to avoid this. It can happen inadvertently - in which case it's usually simplest to delete the element and the file and then create a new one.

    3. If the problem recurs, contact IBM support and describe the environment you are using and the steps to recreate the problem.


    Bruce MacIsaac
    RMC Product Manager